Brain Awareness Week 2018

Brain Awareness Week 2018

The Hellenic Society for Neuroscience is planning the following events for Brain Awareness Week 2018.

Our Brain

    • Generai Lyceum of Pelopio, ileia, Peloponnese, January 16th 2018
    • 1st Experimental Lyceum of Athens, Attica, January 2018
    • 12th Generai Lyceum of Patras, Achaia, Peloponnese,   February 2018
    • Junior High School of .Karatoula, ileia, Peloponnese,   February 20th 2018
    • 21st Junior High School of .Patras, Achaia, Peloponnese February 2018
    • Junior High School of Saint Vasileios, Saint Vasileios,Peloponnese, March 2018


    • Little Brain-Researchers
    • 2nd Primary School of Amaliada , Amaiiada, Ileia, Peloponnese, February 5th 2018
    • 50th Primary School of Patras, Patras, Achaia, February 7th   2018
    • Primary School of Tholaria-Aigialis, Amorgos island, May 2018

    The event includes a talk related to the structure and the function of the brain, a demonstration of a plastic model of the brain. Nerve cells and brain constructions made of plaster, paper, candles, stones etc. will be prepared by the little students.
    Target audience: ~200 primary school pupils

    • Brain… The Director of our life
    • Junior High School of .Goumero, ileia, Peloponnese,   February 2018
    • Lyceum of Hellenic Women of Patras, Achaia, Peloponnese, April 27th, 2018

    The event includes a talk relevant to the structure and function of the brain, with an emphasis on topics related to addiction, memory/learning, stress, sleep, neuroethics, empathy etc and an open discussion session.
    Target audience: ~80 students and ~ 180 general population of various ages

    • Motherhood, fatherhood and family

    Papaharalampeios Hall, Nafpaktos, March 18th, 2017

    • Brain and addiction: which road will you choose?

    Manassakis Amphitheater, Student Center of the University of Crete, Heraklio, March 16th 2018
    The aim of this event is to inform the public about the effects of alcohol, drugs and smoking on brain health. The scientific part of the conference will include presentations about the brain and neurophysiology. An emphasis will be given for alcohol, drug and smoking related topics, with the participation of University Professors and representatives of the KETHEA-ARIADNI (Therapy Center for the Dependent Individuals), a rehabilitation and social reintegration unit. The event will additionally include short theatrical plays and music events, presented by students from High schools. At the end of the event, gifts will be offered to participating students.
    Target audience: 100 high school students and their families

    • What’s in our head?

    Natural History Museum of Crete (, March 3rd, 2018
    This event will include a presentation on how the brain works, how it participates in our feelings and decisions by neuroscience researchers, microscope demonstrations of brain structures and neurons, interactive sessions and role-playing games about our emotions and decisions.
    Target audience: 50 grade school and middle school students and 50 general population

    Η. Our Brains: Our Freedom and our Prison
    2o SDE (School of Second Chance) Korydallou, Prison of Korydallos.
    The event will include a presentation of a film/video related to brain function aiming at demonstrating main principles and current understanding of the brain and a talk followed by a discussion related to Addiction and/or common mental problems (e.g. depression).\
    Target audience: ~50-70 students in the prison of Korydallos.

    Ι. Neuroscience at school
    Art School of Thessaloniki, April 17th, 2018
    The event will include a presentation by Ass. Prof. M. Margariti about the functions of brain. Interaction of the students consists both on artistic and/or scientific projects.
    Τarget audience: ~100 lyceum and high school students

    Κ. Women in Neuroscience: book presentation of the book devoted to Prof. Christina Spyraki.
    The event will take place in one of the bookstores of the city (possibly IANOS), April 18th, 2018.
    The book will be presented by one representative of the Hellenic Society of Neuroscience and a representative of the Gender and Equality Committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Music will be performed by local musicians.
    Target audience: ~50 general audience

    L. Talk by Christos Yannaras, Friday 20 April 2018, 8:00pm, University of Makedonia, Thessaloniki [listen to the talk in the Greek page]