Neuroscience Educational Videos

The following videos make an effort to present important topics in neuroscience presented through animations. We hope you enjoy them!

This project was coordinated and completed by members of the 2019-2021 HSfN governing council Kyriaki Sidiropoulou, Panagiotis Politis and Myrto Denaxa. The scripts were written by HSfN members who volunteered. Their names are listed at the end of each video. This project was supported by IBRO Global Engagement seed grant and FENS Brain Awareness grant to HSfN.

Hippocampus: the bookkeeper of our brain!
Screenplay: Antonis Stamatakis, Yassemi Koutmani

Don’t stress me out! I will forget what I already know.
Screenplay: Antonis Stamatakis, Yassemi Koutmani

Are our memories reliable?
Screenplay: Xanthippi Konstantoudaki

Genes or Environment? Which one helps shape us?
Screenplay: Fotini Stylianopoulou, Maria Plataki

Brain: Which are the differences between women and men?
Screenplay: Christina Dalla, Georgia Balta, Pavlina Pavlidi

Can we change our behavior?
Screenplay: Panagiotis Sapountzis, Maria Agapaki

How much do our brains differ? Myths and truths
Screenplay: Elpinickie Ninou, Georgia Dede, Popiana Tsiortou