Selection of oral presentations for the junior scientists symposium at HSfN2019

The Organizing Committee for the HSfN2019 meeting received 22 excellent applications for oral presentations. We selected 10 of them for oral presentations, 4 additional to the originally planed 6 due to a change in the program. The junior scientists selected are listed in the table below. Congratulations to all of them!

First Name Last Name Title Affiliation
Velona Theodora PlexinD1 and Sema3E determine laminar positioning of heterotopically projecting callosal neurons. Aix-Marseille Université
Ninou Elpinickie Long non-coding RNA – Transcription factor regulatory networks in mammalian brain development BFRAA
Lazaridis Iakovos Disappointment and decision making: A functional segregation of pallidal and hypothalamic pathways to the lateral habenula Karolinska Institute
Bitzidou Matina Participation of cortical areas in whisker-mediated recognition of elementary tactile sequences Francis Crick Institute
Jęczmień-Łazur Jagoda Ultraviolet and blue light sensitivity of the visual thalamus. Jagiellonian University in Krakow
Papoutsi Athanasia Modeling of orientation preference in the apical and basal tress of L2/3 V1 pyramidal neurons. IMBB-FORTH
Katerina Kalemaki Developmental changes of GABA inhibitory function in the mPFC University of Crete/IMBB-FORTH
Dimitrios Tzeranis Development of Novel Treatments for Central Nervous System Injuries based on Porous Collagen Scaffolds University of Cyprus
Sapountzis Panagiotis How is information about stimulus location and identiy encoded and stored in the prefrontal and parietal cortices? FORTH, University of Crete
Katerina Kandylaki Why and how to employ ecologically valid tests in the neurobiology of language Maastricht University